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Using Backblaze 2.0 To Get Your Mac Do Faster Backups

Backblaze, an online backup solution for Mac and Windows, has announced a major update that brings enhanced performance.

Today I am very excited to announce: Backblaze 2.0 – a performance release that makes the service more unlimited, faster, and even easier to get all your data safely backed up. There are 16 updates that we think you’ll love.

● Unlimited File Size – while most of you have been able to backup all of your files with the previous 9 GB maximum, now there will never be a file too big to backup.
● Unlimited File Types – now you can backup VMware, Parallels, and other virtual machines; as well as ISOs and every single other file type.
● Maximum Performance – we have added an Automatic Throttle to most efficiently use your Internet connection, added file batching to speed small file transfer, added hardware acceleration, reduced RAM user further, and much more.
The Backblaze service costs around $50/year for each computer that you backup.
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