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Using iPhone 4S Siri ‘Raise To Speak” Texting Messages

One of the most interesting and unique feature in iPhone 4S’ Siri is ‘ Raise to speak’.  Raise to speak feature allows you raise your iPhone 4S close to your ear and tell Siri to done things for your, for example, make a phone call. But here we are going to tell you that Siri even works for text entry, which means you can using Siri to text whatever your want in Message, Notes,Email..etc..

To able to use this amazing feature, you just follow the steps below:

Whenever a keyboard is on the screen, you can simply raise the phone to your ear. A single tone will confirm that it’s listening (as opposed to Siri’s double tone). Whatever you say will be transcribed to text when you lower the phone. This works in any app any time the keyboard is displayed.

It’s this works on your iPhone 4S? How do you like it? Let us know in comments below. For more tips, come back to check out!!

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