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Valor™ HD v1.8.1 updated with many new features

Valor HDValor is the most advanced strategy Game on the iPhone. Every player starts with a city and strives to grow a powerful kingdom. Wage wars and form alliances in an epic struggle for world domination.

Play with and against thousands of players in a glorious battle to conquer the world of Valor.

Version Notes:
*Valor HD is compatible on iOS 4.0 and above.
*Note that only devices with a retina display will be able to view Valor in HD.

What’s New in Version 1.8.1


We’re bringing Valor to the next level and we can’t wait to share it with you.

This update has been all about polish. We’re looking to make the Game flow better and feel smoother. That means we have new features and performance optimizations for you.

So let’s get down to the features:

* You can now hold up to 200 reports.

* The portal page has a sleeker layout.

* Redesigned badges appear on the bottom bar.

We also took care of a few issues:

* “Oops” error messages have been reduced.

* Medea now appears in a smaller prompt.

* The guild homepage refreshes to check for new guild invitations.

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