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VECTROS Released for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

VECTROSVECTROS For iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

The 3D Shooting Game where tilting your iPhone controls your ship, “VECTROS,” has landed!
A high speed shooting Game set in a future world over 100 years from now, using the gyro sensor of your iPhone, and swinging through space while shooting laser blasts and homing missiles against your enemies.


During a worlds spanning war between Mars and Earth, the fighter craft “VECTROS,” fighting for the allied Earth military, is ironically a secret weapon developed by Mars in order to wipe out the Earth alliance.

The allied Earth forces have acquired VECTROS and reprogrammed Cynthia, its military droid pilot and the key to its operation. With VECTROS, the allied Earth is carrying out a sneak attack on the Martian headquarters.

With high spec mobility and shields, VECTROS bears down on Mars. Slipping through the missiles and lasers shot by its enemies and turning to attack, a breathless dogfight is playing out.
Your weapons include both normal laser blasters as well as homing missiles controlled by the thoughts of Cynthia that target your enemies without a lock-on. Although it’s not a heavily armed device, it maintains its military potential by acquiring bullets and shield energy from enemies, taking advantage of the features of its Martian military design. Moving with high speed through enemy territory, now, an attack by VECTROS has started.

Developmental background

VECTROS moves through space in a wireframe battlefield, filled with weightless and high speed fights. The Vector Scan Graphics that aroused the enthusiasm of a plethora of arcade fans are heavily influenced.
We started developing VECTROS with the psychological need for an answer to the question, “What would happen if Vector Scan games never died out?” Raster scan games went mainstream, then polygons appeared, and vector scan games disappeared.

Being neither a vertical shooter nor a horizontal shooter, this game is not targeted at the mainstream player. It tries to be cyber stylish while maintaining a sense of immersion, a game for shooting in an electronic glow. Challenge yourself with a work of near future science fiction, where, as a game, there is so much left to explore.

We consider the latest easy-to-use mobile devices, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad as the best hardware to depict a retro future from your dreams
We achieved an intuitive operation by taking full advantage of the gyro sensor on the iPhone. We also implemented a semi-auto burst shot as the normal shot, hoping to entertain people of all age groups.

Nenet dealt with many challenges in producing a complete original game with all-new operability in the shooting game genre, many of the games of which are transpositions of each other, not counting indie games and curtain fire games such as Touhou. But now, the gold version of “VECTROS” has finally been brought out to the world in January 2013, after two and a half years since development started in May 2010.

We joined the 2012 Tokyo Game Show in order to get people’s reactions, and VECTROS was well received, with a long queue of people waiting to try it.
Another five stages are scheduled for version 2.0 in February, 2013, to be added in addition to the five stages included in the current version.

Ogura Hisayoshi Onga Seisakushow, famous for work in the “DARIUS” series and in “DARIUSBURST” (GretaThing / Hello 31337), joined to create the original score of VECTROS.
Invited as an illustrator, Yoshitoshi Abe, who works in “S-F Magazine,” helps VECTROS enter a new era of space opera.


VECTROS cracked ipa

VECTROS IPA For iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Version 1.1.6: uload.to

Download Full Version

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