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Verizon Holding January 11th Event, is it the iPhone 4?

The iPhone rumor to end all iPhone rumors could finally be put to bed on the 11th January, as Verizon have sent an invitation out to various members of the press, including some well-known Apple bloggers (but not Gizmodo), to a New York event.

Given that the announcement of a Verizon iPhone has supposedly been coming every month since it’s GSM release last year, you’d be forgiven for not paying much attention here; however it does seem unusual, given Verizon’s strong presence at CES, that they would hold another event so soon afterward for anything CES-friendly – and Apple would want a dedicated event, wouldn’t they.

Confirmation of this being the iPhone 4 launch has come from the Wall Street Journal and All Things Digital, but as these are still credited to ’sources close to the matter’, it may not mean anything more than the last hundred times this has been heard.  But still, an invite to a Verzion event is actual, physical evidence of something happening next Tuesday.

It’s also no surprise Apple won’t be hosting the launch event – after all, they’ve already had one – seeing as this is almost certainly only a radio change, making it a product with limited worldwide appeal.  If it was likely to use LTE or was ‘new’ in some other way, it would perhaps warrant Apple’s direct involvement, but as it is, it’s looking like the announcement of an 7-month old device on a different carrier.

All this said, we’ll be happy for all those who want a CDMA iPhone 4, and equally as happy never to hear another Verizon iPhone rumor.

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