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Verizon iPhone : Is Coming this Year?

It’s been years now that iPhone will be on Verizon. Rumors is now spreading wildly that iPhone will finally come to Verizon. According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, before Valentine’s Day Apple’s iPhone will likely come to Verizon. This maybe a great deal for many AT&T users who were not happy with the service most especially business users.

If your expecting a price cut-off when iPhone officially landed Verizon’s new set of phones then you shouldn’t expect for it. Verizon is a company that offer and sell based on their quality of service. Also Apple will not only benifit from this but also put themselves on top of the smartphone line-up against Android phones.

In terms of service, AT&T is the loser among the providers in the country and Verizon is leading. AT&T will be the loser on this iPhone’s move to Verizon and according to the survey from Consumer Reports, the consumer is the sure winner when they start to jump on Verizon’s wagon.

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