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Verizon offering 3 a.m. Eastern Feb. 3 iPhone preorder to all existing customers

With less than a week before pre-orders for Apple iPhone 4 at the beginning of Verizon, the company has launched a teaser countdown page for existing customers to tell them to return at 03.00 clock in the eastern third February.

Although Verizon has e-mails sent to business clients earlier this week to inform them about 3 hours before departure, the new site the first time that all existing customers have been notified of the time. Verizon customers to consult, of course, to see the company, whether they are eligible for an upgrade of the iPhone.

Verizon’s iPhone FAQ states that even start pre-orders  on or about February 3, 2011  and will be sold on a first-come, first served  basis.

3 hours Eastern Time may seem like a strange time for Verizon to start taking pre-orders iPhone 4 is the first time that all the neighboring states to 03 February came.

The iPhone 16GB model costs $ 4,199 while the 32GB model is $ 299, free with a 2-year contract. A leak in the Apple website Wednesday showed that the voice be of iPhone 4 Verizon plans start at $ 39.99 per month with unlimited data for $ 29.99 and the option of 2 GB of data on the assets, $ 20 additional. According to an officer of Verizon unlimited data plan for now is only available for a limited time before it is removed from a tiered pricing structure.


After years of speculation and rumors, Apple will officially smartphone success of Verizon, on 10 February sold.

In preparation for the launch of Verizon has also begun for four CDMA iPhone cases to refer to its website. Apple has recently added a case of bumper Universal fits both GSM and CDMA models of the iPhone 4, since the new iPhone CDMA has a new design of the antenna is necessary to the mute switch a bit.

Verizon CFO Francisco Shamma said on Tuesday that the investors, the company has invested considerable resources in the long-awaited launch of the iPhone.  We will have some shortcomings in the implementation of the introduction of the iPhone,  he said.

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