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VIP members, Keeping Your Account Secure and Safe! [Must Read]

Remember:I will never ask for your password!!!

Hi, all iPlayPlus VIP members. Thank you for joining our VIP membership.  I am here to remind you that all of you need to keep your account username and password safety.

Some stupid shit sending email to our VIP members asking for their usernames and passwords and put my name in the email signature. I must remind you, that’s not me!!!I won’t send email to anyone to confirm your password. I don’t need to know your password. P.S: I don’t know your password either.

There are a lot of bad things on the Internet, and few are worse than phishing scams. But there is a certain class of phishing scam that has earned a special level of disdain and disgust, at least from me. I’m talking about the phishing scams that target Hotmail customers using my name, my picture, and even my signature. J8mesz.

Let me clear something up right off the bat: I will never ask for your password. No one from Hotmail or Microsoft will ever ask for your password. In fact, no legitimate service will ever ask for your password. If you ever get an email asking for any password to any service, you can be sure, without a shadow of a doubt, that the email is a phishing scam. Just junk it. (Or, in Hotmail, mark it as a phishing scam using the “Mark As” menu.)

How to know which one is the right J8mesz?

1. Double check my emails. I will only contact you or you can only contact me by following emails: james AT appleguider.net / vip AT appleguider.net / admin AT appleguider.net. These emails are all  end with @appleguider.net (I am the only one have these emails).  I am not using hotmial,gmail, or any other email services.

2. I won’t ask your password, but sometimes I will need your username. That’s it. I don’t know your password, you are the only one know it. I don’t need your password, I will never need it.

3. I won’t use Twitter/Facebook or whatever to leave comments to ask your information. Our official Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/iPlayPlus our official twitter: http://www.twitter.com/iPlayPlus

How to keep your accounts safe?

1. Don’t share your username and password to any other people, even your friends.

2. Don’t leave your username and password in our comment section / anywhere.

3. Don’t reply any emails that asking for your username and password.

4. Don’t click on any unsafe links (URL).

5. Don’t download any unsafe files.

6. Change your password frequency.

7. Use strong passwords:

In order to ensure strong passwords that cannot be ‘guessed’ by password cracking programs, your password will need to conform to the following rules:

  • must be 8 to 16 characters in length
  • first character must be a letter of the alphabet
  • must contain at least one special character and one numeric (0 – 9) character
  • special characters are defined as ~!%^*_+-{}|[]:?./
  • spaces are not allowed
  • passwords are case sensitive

If anyone contact you to ask your username and password, please report to me, I will ban their IP address instantly. 

In order to ensure your account is safe, your account may be inactivate if I saw it logging in an IP  that different from yours. But you can contact me to reactivate your account again. P.S: Don’t need your password.

Keeping your password private:

The most obvious thing is not to tell anyone your password.

As you don’t know where the information will go after it leaves your lips (keyboard). Even if you only tell one other person, they could tell one other person, and so on, until your password is in the hands of a Cracker. Besides, why would you want to tell someone your password, anyway? You are not allowed to share your username with anyone else, so there is no legitimate reason for anybody else to know your password.

If you think there’s even a chance someone else might know your password, change it immediately.

If someone asks for your password please report it, and do not tell them of course.

If the problem is already there: 

If someone already put their hands on your account, here is how you can get it back:

  • If someone has changed your password, you will automatically get a notification to your registered email address.
  • Go to your email account and see if there is a message about the password change
  • Make sure your email account is secure and no one has access to it (e.g. change your password, secret question)
  • Change your iPlayPlus password as well according to the criteria above (you will get another notification).

Once again, don’t give your passwords to anyone,even me!!!!

Check my emails: james[@]appleguider.net /admin[@]appleguider.net / vip[@]appleguider.net

Thank you very much. Happy cheating!!!

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