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Volvo V60 hybrid will launch iPhone applications

Is it fully charged yet? This is usually a question that you might find yourself asking if you own a plugin hybrid or EV. With a new iOS App by Volvo, you can stop guessing.

Volvo at the Geneva Motor Show will be listed in the 2012 V60 plug-in hybrids. The station wagon with diesel engine equipped with an electric engine at the same time. To help users manage the charging process, Volvo will launch a vehicle iPhone applications.

At present the application on this smart phone information is also poorly understood, but the video of the operation of mobile phones like iPhone. It allows the user to warm the interior space under the ambient temperature, and to remind the user charge. Applications will also provide other features.

The car provides three power modes are pure electric, hybrid, and strong. Pure power mode provides the highest cruising distance of 50 km, mixed mode use of dual power engine, to achieve the most efficient power output. Strong mode at the energy consumption to achieve the ultimate performance, said to the mode acceleration from zero to hundred kilometers took 6.9 seconds.

V60 will charge a standard home or car park to complete the power jack (230V/6A, 10A or 16A). 3 hours full charge time-consuming 16A, 10A, 6A, respectively, takes 4.5 hours, 7.5 hours.

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