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VR Mission HD v1.3 fixed bugs

VR Mission HDVR Mission HD for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

VR mission mixes puzzles and action to create an amusing Game! – “148apps”

“It’s challenging and fun trying to make your way through the levels and it always feels awesome when you go in and out undetected. The graphics remind you of a old sega game gone HD which are very nice. “ -outpostech.com

Exciting sneaking missions and superior brave strategy game, hard to forget! – best10apps.com

As an expert in sneaking missions. Your job is to get in, blend in, finish the mission and you disappear. This is VR Mission.


Your skills of Stealth, Intelligence, Bravery and full weapon knowledge will be putted to the ultimate test in this brand new stealth action packed real time strategy game as you lead an one man army into the very deep of the enemy’s heart, your failure is not acceptable.


Your mission: to sneak in and gather enemy intel.
Your task: finish the mission and leave no trace.
Your back ups: none.
Your weapons: are all around you.
Your enemies: Everywhere
Use them wisely and survive the mission.

Become the best in the business, challenge the legends and be truly the master of all ghosts. Dare to Unlock all the challenges?

What’s New in Version 1.1

The most anticipated update is COMING SOON!!

This update fixed some minor bugs and glitches

What’s New in Version 1.2

Bugs Fixed
Level Difficulties Fixed

What’s New in Version 1.3

*Laser Attack Damages Reduce To 2 Hp Instead Of Instant Death
*Twitter, Facebook Added

VR Mission HD ipa

VR Mission HD cracked ipa

Download VR Mission HD cracked IPA

Version 1.3: SlingFile

Version 1.2: Syfiles

Version 1.1: FileFactory

Download Full Version

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