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Wacom Launches Bamboo Paper, Promotes iPad Note-Taking With A Stylus


Wacom may have been fairly well known for its stylus based displays that many digital artists used, but in recent years it has started to shift its focus towards the consumer market with its Bamboo range of products. A few months ago it launched the Bamboo Stylus, a high-end stylus designed for the iPad and just a few days ago it released Bamboo Paper – an app for the iPad designed for note-taking with the Bamboo Stylus.

Whilst it isn’t the most fully featured note taking app, it offers a strong set of features and although Wacom recommends their stylus when using the app, it still works with just a finger. Within the app you can make multiple notebooks, and each can have multiple pages – there is also the option to add ruled lines or a graphing grid.  Where the app falls a little short compared to some other similar apps is that it only offers 3 options for the brush thickness and 6 brush colors.

Some of the other features of Bamboo Paper include the ability to bookmark pages, mirror the display to a TV or projector, as well as print, email or save note pages or even entire notebooks.  Whilst the app works well with just a finger, the Wacom video demonstrating Bamboo Paper with a Bamboo Stylus does look really interesting – jump the break to view it.

Bamboo Paper for the iPad is available in the App Store for free until July, at which point it will cost $1.99.

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