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Walking Dead: Prologue 1.1.0 added new level and new gun AK47

Walking Dead: PrologueDescription

The ultimate First Person Shooting Game seek by millions of fans. To challenge themselves Beyond the combo the limits. Kill OR Die? The answer from you … …

The 2012, a terrible variation is happening……Being a survivor in this dangerous and ruthless world, you face the endless zombies, but what worse is the mystery behind all of this.

In 2012, the sun activate abnormally, the earth’s interior energy balance system facing collapse. Maya prophecy proved to be true,and the human are facing vanish from the earth. The biological weapons in many countries have leaked. The victims of biochemical weapon gradually became zombies and constantly attack the survivors.People attacked by zombies also infected by the virus and became new zombies. Life is full of panic. In such circumstances, as a former contract killer,you decided to stand up and resist the vicious zombies attack, to save humanities!

– Difference UI design for iPhone and ipad, easy to control comfortably.
– High quality 3D image, perfect sound effect, give you great feelings!
– Instant reaction system and headshot system make the game totally smooth.
– 18 against weapons, Including daggers ,Guns,Grenade and Rifle Grenade
– As a former contract killer, you are cold and perseverance ,you bear the mission to save the humanities.
– Challenge powerful enemy and hard task, discover your potential and make your team overwhelmed.
– Anger erupted system
Accumulate the anger from kills and headshots, when the anger achieves the peak, your gain endless power,that will be the day of zombie’s screaming……
– Soul saving action
Relying on social network, play with friends,and save your friends who infected by the virus with a gunshot!

What’s New in Version 1.1.0

* A Ultra HD version for the New iPad’s Retina screen, the exquisite effect of the 2048×1536 resolution.
* New level is available: Hospital survival.
* New gun is available: AK47.

Walking Dead: Prologue IPA

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