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War Conquest:Commander(Deluxe) Released [iOS Universal]

War Conquest:Commander(Deluxe)War Conquest:Commander(Deluxe) for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

The Deluxe version of War Conquest:Commander will give you 100 gems and 100,000 Game cash.
War Conquest:Commander is a massively multiplayer online games, game background setting is set after the World War, the world crumbled, the world entered the times of war, the military forces of all parties trying to annex other forces rule the world in their own hands.

You play the commander in the game, the construction of cities and towns in the military field, production resources, recruitment population, equipped with advanced productive forces, the expansion to strengthen the army, and the other players against the Association, the potential to unify the world, the end of the war.

The game supports the war, the armed forces, science and technology research and development, the Legion Union, online chat and interaction and so on!

From the beginning to have their own military fortress, a city, and then upgrade the Civic Center, and upgrade other buildings, and improve resource production, manufacturing their own army. Strengthen the operational capability of the armed forces by train outstanding military commanders.

Additional reward by completing various tasks.

You can also choose to esablish or join the alliance, to experience the fun of conquering the world and your allies.

Now to build your own world!

War Conquest:Commander(Deluxe) ipa

War Conquest:Commander(Deluxe) cracked ipa

War Conquest:Commander(Deluxe) cracked IPA:

Version 1.0: SlingFile

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