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Wawa Land v1.03 fixed bugs

Wawa LandWawa Land for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:


Wawa Land is an advanced 2D platformer that brings the console gaming experience to your iPhone and iPod Touch!!!

Along this incredible adventure, play as Wawa, a heroic and funny character who must save The Royal Jelly recently kidnapped by critters. Wawa will find himself dragged in a grand quest that will lead him through amazing and gorgeous places where he will be dealing with many traps and monsters who are, for some, able to help each others.

To face these trials, use Wawa’s abilities such like the wall jump, the backflip, or even the ground pounding. You will also get powers like the Tornado’s Helmet, which allows you to spin, or the Pirate’s Scarf! By practicing, you will perform super stylish moves, and then gain access to secret areas and bonus!

★ An advanced console gaming experience for mobiles
★ A lot of secrets & bonus to find and collect
★ Absolutely stunning graphics & soundtrack
★ 4 hours of gameplay right out. 12 by the end of 2012

What’s New in Version 1.01

v1.01 changelog:
– ADD – HUD – Added UI’s controls customization system (pad’s free mode, pad’s/buttons’ positions, scale, style)
– FIX – HUD – Scaled up the default pad. Fixed the default buttons’ positions and scales.
– FIX – GAMEPLAY – Now Wawa has less inertia thanks to the players’ reports, and especially thanks to the community of TouchArcade
– FIX – GAMEPLAY – Removed wall slide and wall jumping on blue boxes

– FIX – HUD – Fixed dynamic camera gap when running
– FIX – GAMEPLAY – Fixed the score’s display of blue boxes to match the number of coins on hit (if it contains coins)
– FIX – GAMEPLAY – Fixed issue when going into a sub zone (chest / room) and Wawa being killed but going to the next area
– FIX – GFX – Fixed title screen icons
– FIX – GFX – Fixed dash’s emitter vertical position
– FIX – WORLD 1-1 – Changed item contained in the first hidden blue box
– FIX – WORLD 1-1 – Deleted unused stuff
– FIX – WORLD 1-6 – Fixed world 1-6’s bug exploit (thanks to Victor)
– FIX – BGM – Looping victory’s and title screen’s background music (thanks to ildu for pointing this)
– FIX – BGM – Fixed invincible background music playing when Wawa is in a new sub zone and was invincible before
– FIX – TITLESCREEN – Fixed sound button not resuming background music
– ADD – TITLESCREEN – Added finger scrolling with velocity on Game’s informations and infinite looping (thanks to ildu for pointing this)
– ADD – TITLESCREEN – Added the TouchArcade community in the thanks
– ADD – TITLESCREEN – Added a link the full changelog webpage at the end of the legal infos
– ADD – TITLESCREEN – Added “thank you!” pola at the end of the credits
– ADD – TITLESCREEN – Added a splash text to show last update’s major changes
– ADD – EXTERNAL – Maked a full changelog webpage
– FIX – EXTERNAL – Fixed the hyperlink to rate the app
– THIRD PARTY – Updated MBProgressHud to latest stable version 0.5

What’s New in Version 1.03

v1.03 changelog:
[ADD] CONTROLS – Added an invisible mode (thx AppSpy’s readers)
[ADD] CONTROLS – Added double tap to jump higher
[FIX] Game CENTER – Fixed chapters scores not displaying correctly

[FIX] GLOBAL – Improved game’s performances
[FIX] GFX – Removed a lot of little glitches
[ADD] GFX – Added rotation on some emitters
[FIX] PLANET – Fixed gates’ detection and planet’s rotation (thanks to Victor)
[FIX] BONUS – Reduced number of gems
[FIX] GAME CENTER – Menu’s buttons ask you for connection if you are not logged in
[FIX] CHAPTERS – Fixed slingshot glitch
[3RD] cocos2d – Updated cocos2d to latest version 1.1 beta2
[3RD] HKTMXTiledMap – Updated to latest git version

Wawa Land ipa

Wawa Land cracked ipa

Download Wawa Land cracked IPA

Version 1.03: FileFactory

Version 1.01: SlingFile

Version 1.0:  Mediafire

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