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What the iPhone 5 icon looks like extrapolated into full size

Wow,take a look this amazing iPhone 5,you gotta love it. Bigger than what you think,looks more like Galaxy S size.  

What’s interesting here is that the button isn’t wider as originally prognosticated, it is actually shorter to make room for the bigger screen.

Earlier today we broke the news that an iPhone icon in the Photo Stream beta software had some new dimensions including a more edge to edge screen and an elongated button which coincidentally matched the earlier rumors.  One possibility is that this device is a larger screened iPhone 5.  However, we’ve received word that of the two new iPhones coming out from Apple, this device might actually be the smaller, cheaper iPhone that is set for release at the same time.

One was called the “upgraded one, the iPhone 5″ and the other, “a new smaller one”.

To that end, we’ve got a mock up of what something like that would look like using current iPhone sizes, and the dimensions offered up by the icon (above) if it is a smaller device.  If it is the bigger device, or at least bigger-screened device, It could look like this:


This would be a nearly 4+ inch screen, nearly the size of the Galaxy S line.

Source from 9to5mac

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