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What went down at the Sanlitun Apple Store in Beijing, China?


Update: we just got the following unverified account:

According to my friend who was at the Sanlitun Apple Store when the incident took place, there were dozens of resellers outside the store trying to get the white iPhone 4, they were told to wait in line and was not allowed to go inside. Resellers got pissed and smashed the glass door, which costs about 300,000RMB or 46,000USD, according to an apple employee at the store. Then a foreign(non-Chinese) employee came out from the store with a metal club and hit 4 people, including 2 young men and 2 middle age women. All 4 people are hospitalized right now and no money was paid by apple for medical purposes.

Pictures are just coming in but it appears that there was some sort of incident between “foreign Apple Store Employees” and some locals during the iPad 2 launch.  One account:

The afternoon of May 7, Beijing SanLiTun store Apple, crowds queued to buy the iPhone4 conflict with in-store staff. One stands more than 1.9 metres for expatriate staff armed with iron rods Brawl wounded four customers. A glass door of the store were hit and destroyed by excited crowds. Are 4-bit the injured have been admitted to hospital

iPlayPlus translates:

Sanlitun Apple Store has had a Blooded incident because of the lines-up was too many people and the store suddenly closed.The weather in Beijing China was too hot and one non-Chinese person hit down a Chinese man.According to the another non-Chinese person said that guy was being hit down as well as a custom who in lines to buy an Apple Product.The reporter said: Look at that non-Chinese guy,wasn’t that good,making money in our country and still hit our people…

We’re not sure exactly what went down but it doesn’t look too good.

In other Apple Store glass smashing news, the Westlake Cleveland Apple store was robbed.  24 MacBook and 1 iPod stolen.  Perpetrators were last seen heading east (1999 Bone?)

More pictures of bloodied Chinese below:

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