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What will be happen to apple if loss Jobs?

According to  reports, Apple’s Steve Jobs has been reluctant to open discussion of health problems, but Jobs recently has affected the health status of investor sentiment, shareholders will put pressure on the board Pilu succession planning.

Apple iPhone and iPad other products through changes in the world of technology, the market value of more than 300 billion U.S. dollars. But in the Apple shareholders meeting Wednesday, the people’s attention is no longer the company’s next new product is, but who will succeed Steve Jobs. Because Apple has been reluctant to disclose details of Steve Jobs’s condition, so guess everywhere, nervous investors, industry analysts also rankled. It will be the fate of Apple with Steve Jobs together.

Shareholders will vote Wednesday whether to force disclosure of Apple’s board succession planning, and they are anxious to wait for Steve Jobs will appear in June at the annual Developer Conference – Introduction of new products. A former Apple executive said, “Everyone knows he might come back, it has to be prepared for what happened.”

Many analysts are confident the development momentum of Apple, Creative Strategies analyst Tim Bajarin said Apple is a fill up of the machine. Analysts and former Apple executives believe that the core of Apple’s current products and planned products will help the company in the coming years to maintain growth force, and even to achieve accelerated development.

Apple is already in the “Jobs not here” in the context of the training team, the company a lot of good ideas from the Apple team, rather than Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs on Thursday will celebrate his 56 birthday. Jobs on the selection of senior management is also very smart:

Chief Operating Officer Tim – Cook, Apple’s management has been very high during the evaluation, the designer Jonathan – Ives (Jonathan Ive) is considered the industry the world’s most talented designers. Apple senior vice president of sales Ron – Johnson (Ron Johnson) manages 317 Apple stores around the world to help the company create the most profitable stores. Apple vice president Eddy – Library (Eddy Cue) is the success of iTunes and the App store behind this.

Apple executives said before, this is a strong team, they stood until Steve Jobs Fengyun large trees, not being exposed. Steve Jobs is a symbol of this company, so people think that only Steve Jobs, in fact we are wrong. But some people say that Steve Jobs has been essential in terms of his company, he closely united with the Apple 50 000 employees participated in virtually all decision-making.

Cook has been regarded as the most likely candidate to succeed Steve Jobs, but he did not completely leave Steve Jobs and the sick leave during the first two in Steve Jobs, Apple becomes creative than ever before. No one can be like Steve Jobs as Apple executives understand the consumer psychology, and also proficient in the operation and design. Over the years, many important decisions are Apple’s participation in decision-making by the meeting of 10 made, and Jobs is the head of every decision-making meeting.

A former Apple executive said there was no Steve Jobs, Apple will be missing is the kind of natural instinct, he is a symbol of thinkers and leaders who dao. Under the leadership of Steve Jobs Apple changed the music, film and mobile phone industries.

A former Apple employee said there was no Steve Jobs, even though there are so many good people there, innovation will slow down. When Steve Jobs do something, the whole world in innovation. Without him, who will do the job? Simply can not continue, I do not care who says, I care about Apple future? Who replaced Steve Jobs? The fact is, no one can.

A former Apple employees, Apple will not collapse, because Jobs will not allow this to happen, he will not give his own company without a vision people.

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