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What’s New in Safari 5.1 Developer Preview

We’ve received some information about what’s new in the preview of Safari 5.1 sent to developers yesterday.

Full Screen API
Safari 5.1 introduces support for full-screen web content. Element and Document classes now provide methods to enable full-screen mode for web content and to control keyboard behavior while in full-screen mode.

Media caching
Safari can store audio and video data for web applications that use the HTML5 application cache, allowing for offline media playback and better media performance when an internet connection is slow.

Safari Extensions:
● New Events: Safari 5.1 supports new events that provide more information about user interaction with windows and tabs. Events are now sent when a window or tab opens, closes, becomes active, or becomes inactive. Events are also sent before and after the user navigates within a tab.
● Reader: Reader was one of the most popular features of Safari 5, and Safari 5.1 lets extensions interact with it. Events are now sent when Reader is determined to be available for a tab, when Reader is activated, and when Reader is deactivated. Extensions can also enter and exit Reader.
● Menus: Safari 5.1 introduces Extension Menus, which can show a list of options from within the Safari UI. Extension Menus are shown from beneath Extension Toolbar Items and retain the look and feel of native menus while still being highly customizable.
● Popovers: Safari 5.1 adds an Extension Popovers API. Extension Popovers can show large areas of custom content that do not intrude on web content or require navigation. Just like Extension Menus, Extension Popovers are shown from beneath Extension Toolbar Items.

Other improvements include additional CSS3 support for Auto-hyphenation, Vertical Text, Text Emphasis, Transitions and Animations. Safari 5.1 also improves graphical performance on Windows using hardware acceleration for animations and CSS3 effects.

Developers can get the Safari 5.1 Preview here.

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