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White iPhone 4 lands at Best Buy on April 27th


Previously we have already posted that the white iPhone 4 will be launch on April 27,and by now the source from 9to5mac today saying the White iPhone 4 will be arrive in the US at the same day.The screenshot above was sent by Best Buy is detailing the launch date for the product.That particular screenshot is for the AT&T, GSM model of the white iPhone 4, but our connects at Verizon told us there is a CDMA version coming, too. We suppose that the Verizon version is launching that same day in the United States.

Additionally, we have been told that both 16 GB and 32 GB white units have already been shipped to Best Buy locations across the United States, so those models should arrive by Monday or Tuesday ahead of the Wednesday launch. White iPhone 4s have already arrived at phone retailers in the Netherlands and at Vodafone in the UK. Most stores have about ten 16 GB units on order for launch day (screenshot after the break), but there could be more coming, and inventory numbers for the 32 GB units are unconfirmed. If the white iPhone 4 launch in Europe is any indication, there might be a shortage of 32 GB units in the U.S. That is unconfirmed, though. As soon we hear more, you’ll be first to know.



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