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White iPhone 5 knock-off from China caught on tape

Here’s an interesting video showing off a white “iPhone 5″. Yeah, China already makes these. To be honest, it does look a lot like the device the Giz-China.com blog wrote about last week (and French-language site NowhereElse.fr agrees). As you may have guessed it, that fake iPhone 5 is already on sale in China and can be yours for a cool $108. Of course, it’s nothing more than a rip off. However, regardless of it running a Java-based operating system, its maker went to great lengths to bank on the iPhone 5 meme…

iPhone 5

For starters, it sports the shiny Apple logo on the back. And check out the slightly elongated design and thin profile, said to be only 7mm thick (compare that to the iPhone 4′s 9.3mm profile). Knock-off makers are getting better and better at what they do and Steve Jobs must be going through the roof. Although Chinese authorities shut two fake Apple Stores, there’s little hope that the government will take action against vendors that blatantly rip-off branded products as the concept of intellectual property is being stretched beyond limits in the country.

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