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White Noise Pro for iPad makes you Relax,Sleep Better,Feel Better

FEATURED IN THE WASHINGTON POST AND AN ITUNES STAFF FAVORITE! White Noise Pro is optimized for the iPad and allows you to create the perfect ambient sound environment for relaxation or sleep. All the great sounds from White Noise with the ability to create thousands more using the revolutionary Mix Pad.

– Includes 40 ambient sounds with cover flow interface
– Dynamic sound variance with sound mixer
– Visualize active sound position with the mix pad
– Multiple sound shutdown timers and alarms
– Create a custom playlist of sounds with different time durations
– Star your favorites in the catalog and they appear in your favorites view for quicker access
– Digital clock with dimmer and multiple colors. Drag up and down for brightness control and swipe left or right to change color.
– Background audio can be enabled by clicking on the settings gear in the top toolbar

What’s New in Version 4.9.2
Adds global sound volume to the settings (gear icon) view. This adds back the ability for sounds to be quieter than alarms. Also fixed timer schedule issue.

Version 4.9 is packed with new alarms, improved AirPlay support, ability to mix with iPod music, and more!

Alarms and Timers
– Added 17 new alarm sounds!
– Added repeat scheduling option so duration timers can be set to repeat always or never and clock timers can be set to repeat specific days.
– New Alarm dialog making makes it easier to snooze or dismiss alarms. The snooze button is located on top of screen and dismiss button is at the bottom.

– Replaced sound volume on main screen with device volume making it easier to use AirPlay. Sound volume is now located on the settings screen.
– Settings screen now scrolls to reveal more options.
– New alarm window is displayed when the alarm triggers.

– If multiple same sounds are used in a mix they will each start after a random delay.
– Optimized memory usage and implementation of mixes
– Improvements to image generatation for mixes.

– Added “Auto Sleep” option that will display the clock after 2 minutes.
– Added “Screen Lock” setting. This will enable / disable the device idle timer.
– Added “Mix with Music” setting. Enabling allows playing music from iPod app to mix with White Noise.
– Added “iPod Control Integration” setting which enables White Noise to be controlled by the iPod controls on the lock screen, multitask view, and with headphones.
– Added “Snooze Time” setting to change the alarm snooze duration.

You can download White Noise Pro on App store for $2.99.Also,iPlayPlus bring you a cracked version of White Noise Pro by Cracker iFrench.Remember,the cracked IPA file only can use on Jailbroken ready iOS devices. If you want to know more about how to jailbreak your device,you can follow our tutorials here. The other thing you should know is how to add iPA files to your iPhone or iPad,our tutorial posted here.

IPA File download link:
White Noise Pro [TMSOFT] (v4.9.2 LP os32)-iFrench.zip

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