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Wild Blood Hack Unlimited Money Without Jailbreak – Free

Wild Blood hack on iPhone,iPad and iPod touch to get unlimited Money (Coins/Golds, whatever) without jailbreak. This is the easiest way to hack Wild Blood v1.0.0 to get money. I have no idea why this way works, but who cares, it’s working on my new iPad (iPad 3), iPhone 4, iPhone 4S.  Normally, it will works for every single one of us and no matter what firmware you are on. And, the most important thing is, this is free!!!

How to hack Wild Blood to get unlimited money without jailbreak:

1. Install and run Wild Blood. Exit Game and close from multitask. (I highly recommend you should gain some money first)

2. Use iFunbox back up the whole ” Documents” folder to your PC /Mac first.

3. Now, backup the file” Smry.save”. Then rename it to “xxxx.save”.

4. Copy the new “xxxx.save” (the one you just renamed) to var/mobile/Applications/Wild Blood/Documents/

5. Overwrite existing file.

6. Done! Now you should get unlimited money on Wild Blood.

Another way you can hack Wild Blood is to using GNU Debugger (GDB).But since we have already got the easiest way,so I won’t explain it here.

Good luck. By the way, I am back to school already, so I might don’t have so much time on doing Game hack now, but I will keep updating. Thanks for understanding.


Wild Blood v1.0.2 Hack Unlimited Money and Skill No Cooldown

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  1. i follow the steps so many time but still it makes my coins back to “0”.. T_T

  2. sir J8mesz its not working anymore, coins become zero after, but i put back the copy documents and my money returned, can i ask for your own documents copy? can you send to my email or put here for everyone to copy.. thnx in advance..

    [email protected]

  3. i do like u say but my money back to 0?anny suggestion?i play in version 1.0.3

  4. not work = 0 coins after hack

  5. i renamed it but when i went back it was still 0$

  6. I just don’t understand? what u mean? Copy the new “xxxx.save” (the one you just renamed) to var/mobile/Applications/Wild Blood/Documents/? where is var/mobile…..???? I couldn’t find it in ifunbox or even my laptop?

  7. I done what u say in the wild blood/ document already have xxxx.save. and i also gain 4000 coins before I did the hack? but it didn’t work? help me bro

  8. can’t find the download link.

  9. sir!! how can i do it?? please plase ifunbox?? i dont get it sir

  10. Adekunle Adegbehingbe

    Where is the download link?

  11. sir my vip have expired already i want to renew but couldnt find a page to renew it, i dont want to register again, i want to use my old account so how do you do it? i had the 1month account, now i want to try the 4 months accou
    nt…thanks sir james

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  13. You can hack Big Win Hockey Big Win Soccer & Big Win Baseball Thanks For the hack

  14. → I can’t see the Download Link. Lol. :O

  15. Can you make it for Retired Wizard Story?
    Thx in adv. if you can

  16. tyvm it is working but i got the problem when i upgraded stuff and want to press “back” the game just closes
    any suggestion?

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