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Woman using iPhone app to check on pet dog at home captures burglar red-handed

A woman who set up a webcam to check on her pet dog while at work got the surprise of her life after logging on.

It wasn’t her beloved terrier Callie that she saw nosing about the place – but a burglar.

The man nonchalantly poked around in Claire Bevins’ room, taking his time to look through drawers and lift up the covers of her bed in a search for valuables.

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Caught on camera: The burglar is seen searching Claire Blevins’ belongings on a webcam she set up to watch her dog

The 23-year-old immediately rang police in Denver, Colorado, to tell them what she had seen using the $4.99 iPhone app.

He didn’t bother concealing his identity because he wasn’t aware that Miss Bevins was watching and recording his every move.

She said: ‘There’s so much stuff that he could have taken, it’s so odd that he didn’t take it.’

As a matter of fact, he did help himself to a couple of iPods and a number of other easily re-sellable things – to the value of a couple of hundred dollars.

Police used the captured images from the camera to make an appeal to the public on a local TV station.

And they have now informed Miss Bevins that they have their man.

Much ‘appier: Claire Blevins with Callie, the dog she bought an iPhone app to watch


Busted: The man nonchalantly looks for valuables

And the alleged burglar, probably still too stunned by his capture, had the strangest of excuses

Miss Bevins revealed that a detective rang her and said: ‘I believe we have your perp in custody. He says he didn’t take anything and that he just walked around and looked in your house.’

she says the footage clearly shows him lifting something from her room, and that some of her valuables are missing.

The truth will come out at the man’s trial but one thing is for certain: little Callie is a hopeless guard dog.

In custody: The man now faces a trial in Denver, Colorado
Online: The 23-year-old used her webcam to capture the intruder

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