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Wonder Zoo v1.0.3 Hack Unlimited Peanuts and Coins

Wonder Zoo : Animal & dinosaur rescue has been updated to version 1.0.3 with new features added. Here is Wonder Zoo 1.0.3 hack for you to get unlimited peanuts and coins on iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch with jailbreak.

What’s New in Wonder Zoo : Animal & dinosaur rescue Version 1.0.3

It was an ordinary day at the Wonder Zoo. The sun was shining and the animals were playing peacefully – until a mysterious spaceship landed right outside!

Startled but curious, Sean and Claire ran out to see what was happening. The door opened, and out of the spaceship stepped… their old friend Doc, the zany scientist!

Doc explained that his ship was actually a time machine and he had just come back from the Age of Dinosaurs. But he needs your help to go back in time and save the wounded dinosaurs!

✓ Discover a new animated movie featuring your favorite zookeepers and meet their friend Doc.
✓ Use Doc’s time machine to travel back in time and explore the exciting prehistoric wilderness.
✓ Save 9 amazing dinosaur species, from the giant Apatosaurus to the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex!
✓ Set off on exciting new quests.
✓ Build new habitats for your dinosaur friends, plus a time machine and much more.
✓ Share the fun with even more friends through Game Center.

Wonder Zoo 1.0.3 hack features:

  1. Unlimited Peanuts
  2. Unlimited Coins

Wonder Zoo 1.0.3 hack

How to hack Wonder Zoo 1.0.3 with jailbreak:

1. Download Wonder Zoo 1.0.3 hack IPA from the link given below.

2. Install Wonder Zoo 1.0.3 hack IPA on your iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch.

3. Done! Enjoy unlimited peanuts and coins on Wonder Zoo 1.0.3 brought to you by J8mesz.

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