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Wraithborne 1.20 IPA for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

WraithborneWraithborne for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

When magic returned to the world, everything changed in an instant. All that remains of the past are the crumbling ruins of the fallen Age of Humanity. The old legends – wraiths, goblins and werewolves – stalk the lands. Now, one born of their greatest fear will claim the power of the Runes and protect what remains of humanity. He is Wraithborne.

Device Requirements:
iPhone 4, 4S, 5
iPad 2, 3, 4
iPod Touch 5

• Amazing Visuals: Using Unreal Engine 3 technology, the application delivers amazing graphics and special effects that immerse players in the world.

• Fast-Paced Action Combat: Use a variety of attack and defensive moves to engage and defeat your foes.

• Wield Powerful Runic Spells: Unlock the magic of the Runes of Power to destroy your enemies from a distance or heal injuries. Experiment with interesting combinations that change the way you play, and upgrade them with magical Gems.

• Compete for High Scores: Enter the Challenge Arena to post the highest scores on Game Center’s Leaderboards against endless waves of enemies that get more challenging the longer you survive.

• Choose Your Controls: Either use the Virtual D-Pad, or select “Touch Control” to tap on screen to move and swipe at the enemies to attack.

What’s New in Version 1.11

– Stability and crash fixes

What’s New in Version 1.20

★ iPOD TOUCH 4 – Now supported!
★ NEW ARMOR! Upgrade your health and gain additional powers by equipping one of 5 sets of Battle Armor.
★ LEVEL REWARDS! Gain Weapons and Armor by completing levels, and earn Gem rewards by repeating previous battles.
★ REDESIGNED 3D MENUS! Touch Scrolling and Character Preview in menus.
★ NEW COMBO ATTACK! Chain 3 light attacks together to unleash an overhead smash.
★ RUN FASTER! Wraithborne now runs faster to catch up with his foes.
★ CONNECT WITH FACEBOOK! Log in with your Facebook account to brag about your achievements to friends.
★ Stability fixes and difficulty balancing.

Wraithborne ipa

Wraithborne cracked ipa

Wraithborne cracked IPA for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

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