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Write&Say – Lifelike Talking Text Editor with Translator

Write&Say is a text editor with advanced speech and translation capabilities that converts your text into natural-sounding speech. You can listen on your iPad or iPhone or create audio files for use on other devices (like iPods, MP3 players, etc.)
It’s designed to be elegant, minimal and distraction free. Write&Say user interface is easy, clear and simple. Write effortlessly your notes, texts, articles, blog posts, even poems and ebooks!

Have Write&Say read your texts, emails, posts, news, documents, etc. with HiQ Voices and Special Sound Effects! Change voice timbre, speed and tone.
Included male and female voices for these languages: American English, British English, Australian English, Canadian French, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Argentine Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Colombian Spanish, American Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Valencian, Swedish, Arabic, Romanian, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Finnish, Danish, Greek, Norwegian, etc.
Write&Say is an essential daily tool for business people, lawyers, teachers, students, second language learners, journalists, bloggers, researchers, people with speech or sight disabilities, doctors, writers, language specialists and power iPad and iPhone users.
Additionally, Write&Say can translate your words, texts and documents to 28 different languages and read aloud the translations automatically

The most innovative text editor with Text to speech + Export MP3 voice files + 52 Voices + 3D Avatar +Translator 28 languages
Now you can use 52 amazing lifelike Text to Speech Multi-language Voices in your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch! Export your text documents to MP3 speech audio files!
– 8 Voices for English
– 4 Voices for French
– 4 Voices for Italian
– 7 Voices for Spanish
– 3 Voices for Chinese
– German, Portuguese, etc! 52 voices!

– Write&Say distraction-free text editor, save your documents in plain text, HTML and Markdown formats. Preview your documents in a embedded web view.
– Export documents via email, Evernote, Tumblr, Twitter and iTunes File Sharing.
– Translate any text from practically any language to Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, etc.
– Useful new export audio file feature! Export your speech audio files via iTunes and play them in your computer, MP3 player, etc. Great for podcastings.
– Integrates an animated human-like Talking Virtual Assistant.
– Pause, resume and repeat speech playbacks
– Insert Speech user commands in your texts to control the voice speed, timbre, pitch, pauses, etc. Add special voice effects: Cry, Laugh, etc.
– Copy emails, blog posts, news, text documents, web pages, etc from other Apps and paste them into Write&Say text editor and the Talking Virtual Assistant will read aloud for you!
– Full screen mode in Landscape mode for iPhone and iPod Touch.
– Extended keyboard with word jump, cursor arrows and punctuation keys without switching the keyboard.
– Save money, you can install Write&Say in your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

What’s new

– Minor UI improvements
– Improved stability

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.


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