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WSJ Reiterates Smaller iPhone, Free MobileMe Service

The WSJ reports that Apple is working on a smaller and cheaper iPhone echoing statements made by Bloomberg only a few days ago.

One of the people, who saw a prototype of a new iPhone several months ago, said the new device is intended to be sold alongside the current line of iPhones and would be about half the size of the iPhone 4. The phone, one of its codenames is N97, would be available to mobile carriers at about half the price of Apple’s main line of iPhones, the person said.

The report also predicts an overhaul to MobileMe which would make it free and serve as a locker for your media.

Apple also is exploring a major overhaul of its MobileMe online storage service, the people familiar with the matter said. The service currently requires an annual subscription payment of $99 to $149. Apple is considering making Mobile Me a free service that would serve as a “locker” for personal memorabilia like photos and videos, eliminating the need for consumers’ devices to carry a lot of memory, the people familiar with the situation said.

Apple has built a billion dollar data center in North Carolina that should be operational right about now. This data center is expected to be the backbone of the new MobileMe service.

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===============ABOUT DATA CENTER================
Apple’s new North Carolina data center is expected to begin operations ‘any day now’, according to local officials.

Last week it was rumored that Apple may be doubling the size of its data center. Local realtor Bill Wagenseller, took to the air to investigate. “Though there has been no official announcement, I discovered that site work is being performed and it clearly appears that there may be some truth to the speculation,”

John Paczkowski from Digital Daily notes that photos posted to a Catawba County, N.C., Flickr page and labled “Apple_Maiden-07-06-2009-114” and “Apple_Maiden-07-06-2009-115” show architectural renderings of the Maiden, N.C., facility with one and two data center structures.

It’s still not clear if the current building is 250,000 square-feet or 500,000 square-feet. If it’s the former then the second structure would bring the total square footage to the announced 500,000 square-foot number. Otherwise, Apple may have decided to expand the facility to 1,000,00 square-feet.

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