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WWDC 2011: iCrowd lines up for iCloud

A few hours ahead of Apple’s keynote, which will kick off WWDC 2011 at 10am Pacific in San Francisco’s Moscone West, the line is already stretching around two blocks. Seth took the above video at 6:30am Pacific time. Check out the green Apple guys working diligently to compress the line. “The line literally goes around the block”, he wrote in the YouTube description. Can you spot Cydia creator Jay Freeman “Saurik” breaking the bottle?

Seth also captured another line video a few hours earlier. Also have a look at a fan clip below, which was recorded at 4:15 am Pacific Time. The keynote is about to begin in less than four hours, when Steve Jobs and a team of Apple executives are due to deliver the latest on iOS 5, Lion and iCloud. We will be covering the news as it happens right here at iPlayPlus and via our Twitter handle @iPlayPlus.

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