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WWDC 2011 Keynote Overview-What surprised you after the WWDC 2011 Keynote?

WWDC 2011


Everyone got excited that after the WWDC 2011 keynote even before its beginning especially the developers. There were many of stuffs that came out at the WWDC 2011, such as iOS 5 beta released, Lion Preview 4 and more. So, what are exactly made you feel like “boom” in your head? Too many to mention, hum? Let’s go back to see what we have yesterday after the WWDC.
The first thing that I want to mention is the Lines-up. Well, why? Because in this huge event there were over 5,200 people have been attended. Then the first news about WWDC 2011 was posted on iPlayPlus is about the lines-up, it is about our Cydia creator Jay Freeman Saurik.However, this was not that surprised us because Jay was there last year also.
Then after the WWDC’ started, Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs came up on the stage that said that there are 200 carries being used on iPhone already.What a big news! Isn’t it? Is this surprised you? Maybe not that big surprised. Because you may think that it was not happened now, it would be increase to this number in the future. Right?

Then the next coming thing maybe surprise you a little bit. This is about the Mac OS X Lion; the coming Lion has more than 250 new features.Now you just saying “wow”. But hold on, how much is this Lion cost? What about when you hearing that this greatest operating system ever only charges for $29 US and it will be available for purchase or download from Apple Mac App store in July? Well, this was surprised me I must say, did you?
Then the huge numbers were came out: Apple sold 200 million iOS devices to date, which includes iPhones, iPads, iPod touchs and Apple TVs; there were 14 billion App downloads so far.
The next coming thing we have already talked about a lots-iOS 5! The first thing is feature in iOS 5 is the notifications. Apple completely re-imagines the notifications in iOS 5. The new notification system called Notification Center that allowed you the collects all you notifications and you will get all of your notifications just by swipe down from the top of the screen, like on Android. The notifications also show on the lock screen and you can slide your finger over each to go straight to its corresponding app. You can read more about the notifications feature from here.
An interested thing that you might also like is the App store “News Stand”. It appears as a new App store listing that collects digital magazines and newspapers. It looks kind of neat. Scott Forstall did not talk about this too much, so maybe just an interested thing that unveiled in new iOS.
Twitter! Most of you maybe are using Twitter. So, what’s in iOS 5 with Twitter? All the tumors were true, iOS 5 will sport a tight integration. You sign in to your Twitter account in the settings app and all apps that use Twitter can automatically use the sign-in you provided. No doubt that Twitter integration will be one of the more popular iOS 5 features. Read more about this feature from this posted.
Now it is the time to talk about the camera app. The new camera features of iOS 5 are about faster and easier. You can access it directly from the lock screen. Another steal from 3rd-party app: you can take photos by using the volume up button. More and more, you can read more about this on this posted.
The cool thing is here that you can use your iOS devices immediately once you take out from the box. What is this about? Let’s give it a cool name “iTunes-Free”.No more USB plug-in to hook up your devices .Plus, you can update your software by “Over-The-Air” (OTA).
Now going back to the iOS 5, you will have a new iChat-like messaging service-iMessage. iMessage, a new service designed to facilitate easy exchange of all kinds of messages between iOS 5 devices.  iMessages hаѕ a boat load of features, including typing indications and read and delivery receipts. Plus, it works with text messages, photos, videos, contacts and supports even group messaging.
This is the most things we have been talked about a lots before-iCloud. Now iCloud replaced MobileMe totally for free. Thе cloud sync works automatically between iOS devices, PCs and Macs, per Apple’s “It just works” mantra. Any changes in, ѕау, the Calendar or Contacts apps get automatically pushed via the cloud to all of your iOS devices. Also, Apple unveils iTunes music locker in the cloud, it is about you re-download the music you purchased before with no charges.
Now, things are all there, then seem Apple needs updates some softwares to be in order to use the things that listing above. So the iTunes 10.3 is come out. As well, Find My iPhone App gets updated has email notifications, when you are unable to locate a device because it is offline, you will receive an email if the device comes online and is located,ability to remove an offline device from the list using the App.
Updates are out and what have been launched? Off course, now we can download iOS 5 Beta,Xcode 4.2 Developer Preview and iTunes 10.5 for developers. Yet another Lion Preview is also available to download-Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 4 (Lion Preview 4).Oh, another launches-iCloud Beta for developers. The last one that update to the various Dev Centers is Safari 5.1 Developer Preview.
Well, enough stuffs for the first day after WWDC 2011. Still, if you would like to check out the iOS 5 features details, you can check out our posted here,here or here.
So, what are the most things that surprised you after the WWDC 2011 keynote? For me, I must say all the stuffs that I have mentioned above are surprised me. No kidding!! They were fantastic!! I guess you tired to reading on my article now, may be too crappy? Too long? Ok, let me know any of thinking you have in comments.

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