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WWDC 2012 Live Coverage

As you might know that Apple’s WWDC 2012 will be start soon, so here is the video stream live coverage of WWDC 2012. Apple will announced iOS 6, Mountain and many new products.

Apple WWDC 2012

 Watch the WWDC 2012 Live coverage video stream below:

Apple’s official WWDC 2012 keynote video

Tim Cook: 400 million App Store accounts, 650,000 apps, 30 billion app downloads

-400 million App Store accounts with credit cards and one click buying. Largest amount of credit cards on a store. 650K apps on the App Store. 225K apps built specifically to the iPad.

-30 billion app downloads. $5 billion payed out to App Store developers. App Store operates in 120 countries around the world. Later this month: Apple is adding 30 more countries to the App Store (155 total).

-Cook: We are announcing “Exciting new changes to our notebook lineup” and major updates to OS X and iOS. 

Schiller coming out to announce new Apple laptops! 

-Talking MacBook Air: it has changed the consumer notebook lineup.

-New Air: Ivy Bridge, 8GB RAM, up to 2 GHZ i7. Now up to 512GB! USB 3.0.

– Pricing is $999 and goes up to $1099 if you want the faster chip.

$2199 is the starting price with a 2.3GHz quad-core chip, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of flash storage.

“The new, next-generation MacBook Pro with Retina display. It is the future and, best of all, it is going to start shipping today.”

-Craig Federighi out to discuss OS X Mountain Lion

Wow… looks like Apple has held back some new features in ML.

-Craig discussing iCloud. Signin with Apple ID and all apps are configured with iCloud.

-Discussing Documents in the Cloud… new version of iWork with iCloud docs integration. Preview and Text Edit getting icloud docs as well.

-Craig shows new “glass” designed dock. He is demoing new Reminders and Notes app. These sync via iCloud. Discussing Messages with iMessage and “legacy” chat support. 100MB file transfers supported.

-Notification Center discussion and demo.

-Next: Apple is bringing Dictation to the Mac.

-Now there is sharing. Share buttons to access the share sheet.

-New version of Safari: fastest browser, improved URL selection, unified search/URL bar. He is also discussing iCloud Tabs. Brand-new Tab View. Gesture swiping between tabs… just like iOS. Demo time!

W0w: New tweet sheet build into Notification Center. Nice demo with Dictation.

-Incredible new “Power Nap” feature. While your computer lid is shut, it will still take your email, do system/app store updates, all iCloud downloads, and backups to Time Capsule. OPeration is totally silent. Works only on the Retina Display MacBook Pro and newer MacBook Airs.

-Discussing AirPlay and AirPlay Mirroring in Mountain Lion.

-Game Center: turn games, demo of racing Game against Mr. X.

-Apple is highlighting features for China. Improved Chinese input methods.

-Mountain Lion shipping in July: $19.99. Upgrades from Lion or Snow Leopard. Agressive. Those buying new Macs today will get free Mountain Lion. Near Final Developer Preview available today! 

iOS 6 TIME: Scott Forstall is out. Talking iOS 5: 1.5 TRILLION notifications push. 140 million iMessage users.

-Scott introducing iOS 6 now

Tentpole 1: Siri — Signifiant enhancements in iOS 6. Sports scores. Integrates via Yahoo Sports. Asking about individual players across different sports leagues.

Siri also gets improved restaurant integration. OpenTable integration (they’ve partnered). Reservations, average menu prices. Movie-related questions. “What movies are playing at” a local theater. Watch trailers within Siri. Siri can now launch apps. “Play Temple Run.” and it immediately opens. Tweeting and a new feature called “Eyes Free.” Apple is working with car manufacturers to build in Siri buttons into their steering wheels. BMW, Honda, Mercedes, Toyota, more have committed to add these buttons within the next 12 months. Apple is also adding English/French (Canada, eh), Spanish (Spain, Mexico, U.S.), Italian, Switzerland, Korean, Mandrain, Cantonese. Local search is now international. iPad support as well! Just like our mockup!

Facebook integration announced. System wide, tweet about Apps from the App Store. Redesigned iTunes and App Stores! Blue status bar, not silver :D

-New phone features: Slide up incoming call slider to choose to be reminded to call person back or to text them a reply. WHen you reply with a message, there is a list of pre-made replies. You can even add customs. Remind me later. Do Not Disturb switch is in settings! Bluetooth toggle is also now more visible in settings. Fine gran controls in Do Not Disturb. Choose which phone calls that can come in while you are sleeping. This is super cool.

FaceTime Over Cellular in iOS 6. Phone number and Apple ID merging… people can FaceTime your phone number and it will come to your iPad. Same story with iMessage. Works across Macs and iOS devices.

Safari: iCloud Tabs and Offline Reading list is in. Photo uploading. Smart Banners: if you go to a website who also has an app, the developer could choose to throw a banner on Safari to be able to install the app from the App Store. Full screen Safari in landscape.

Photo Stream: shared photo streams. Easy way to share photos with your friends.

Mail VIPs in Mail. Attach photos and videos. Open password-protected PDFs, attach Pull to refresh in mail. Scott smiles.

Now discussing PassBook: this is the “Organize” app we discussed previously. This looks like a virtual wallet. Ticket passes: travel, movies, food, etc.

New guided access features. Single app mode, so kids/students can’t leave apps. Great for test taking on iPads, museum guided tours. Guided access allows people to block off certain parts of apps.

NEW MAPS.. 3D mode, this works world wide. Traffic service. Traffic view that shows where slow traffic and incidents are. Crowd sourced. Amazing turn by turn directions. Live re-routing depending on traffic. Works from the lock screen as well… like if you are plugged into your car. Full Siri Integration.

Scott is demoing 3D (iPad + iPhone). They did fly overs to get the imagery. Vector based Maps. Very smooth, very beautiful. Yelp integration.

Tap on “overview” and you see the whole route, which you can zoom and pan over.

It’s nothing different than Google Maps, but cleaner and, it seems, smoother. How smooth it is on an iPhone remains to be seen. Again, that was all on an iPad. But, knowing Apple, it’ll be slick

We will post iOS 6 beta at iPlayPlus once it’s released.

That’s all!!!

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