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WWDC First Timer’s Survival Guide [2011 Edition]

Jeff LaMarche, programmer and author, reveals his survival tips for developers looking to attend WWDC 2011.
Today, WWDC was announced. This is the earliest they’ve announced WWDC during the iPhone epoch, so there’s a little more time to prepare than we’ve had the last few years. Given how popular it’s been the past few years, I thought it was worth updating and re-posting my WWDC First Time Guide from last year and the previous year.
Important Points:
● Arrive on Sunday or Earlier.
● Do not lose your badge.
● Eat your fill.
● Party hard (not that you have a choice).
● Take good notes.
● Collaborative note taking.
● Labs rule.
● Buddy up, divide and conquer
● Make sure to sleep on the plane.
● Thank your hosts.
● Remember you’re under NDA.
● Brown Bag it.
● Monday, Monday.
● Turn off your MiFi/Clear/other wireless router.
● Park it once in a while.
● Twitter is invaluable, but don’t expect it to stay up during the keynote.
● It’s okay to leave.
● Bring proof of age on Thursday night.
● It’s okay to take breaks.
● Get a close hotel.
● Take the BART.
● Bring a Sweatshirt or Jacket.
● Sample Code.
● Get a Battery Pack.
● Don’t Sound Like a N00b.
Hint the link below for a detailed and interesting explanation of each point!
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