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YouKu To Replace Pre-Installed YouTube App On Chinese iPhones?


Over in China, iPhones and iPod Touches don’t come with the in-built YouTube app because of that infamous ‘Great Firewall of China’. Like various other websites and social networking sites, YouTube is blocked in the country. But reports today suggest that YouKu, effectively China’s version of YouTube, may soon have an app that comes pre-installed on Chinese iOS devices, just as YouTube currently does in the rest of the world.

TechNode claims, based on information gathered from a trusted source, that the YouKu founder, Victor Koo, met with Steve Jobs over the possibility of having a YouKu app pre-installed on Chinese iPhones and other iOS devices. YouKu, like YouTube is for the rest of the world, is a pretty dominant and popular videa sharing site, allowing users to upload videos of unlimited length and even has licenses with over 1,500 television stations, distributors and film production companies which are a large part of the site.

Apart from the TechNode report, information on this is scarce, but the fact that YouTube is banned in China does lend credence to the possibility that Apple would want to build in another online video streaming app directly on their devices.

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