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You’re The Chicken Mogul v1.0.2 gets bug fixes

You’re The Chicken MogulYou’re The Chicken Mogul Description:

The ultimate in business super-sims and time-management mayhem has arrived for iPhone and iPad. You know the world will crave your fried chicken if they only had the chance to try it!

You’re The Chicken Mogul will really give you something to get your beak into as you are thrust into the center of a fried chicken empire, tasked with turning around flagging sales in record time.



•4 different real time screens for managing all aspects of your business : hatcheries and feed production plants, the grow-out house, the fried chicken restaurant, and the headquarters!

•Build and upgrade your production facilities; reclaim land to expand your operations; sell off facilities to liquidize your assets; it’s your call!

•Manage the supply of chicken until they’re ready for “processing”.
Temperature, feed supply, and cleanliness all factor into your management;

•Hire and fire staff, manage their stress levels, train them, boost morale, keep them motivated.

•Implement promotions depending on factors like weather, and develop new technology to improve all your facilities; budget for marketing activities, allocate time for R&D, prepare training and morale building courses for the staff.

•Boost efficiency and profits! Upgrade your facilities and buy special items like potions, speed incubators, growth hormones(!), and secretaries by spending EGGS (in-Game currency). Eggs can be earned through playing the Game, or bought for you convenience (though not used until you’ve reached the appropriate level in the game).

•Multiply your company’s profits (or gamble them away!) at the casino on game days!

•Deal with strikes and construction issues; fend off law suits from consumer and health groups!

•Bonus levels and unlocked upon completion.

What’s New in Version 1.0.2

– misc bugs fixed
– other little changes made

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You’re The Chicken Mogul cracked ipa

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