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ZENFORMS: Protectors Released for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

ZENFORMS: Protectors for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

** This Game will be updated regularly (at no extra charge) adding more content such as more locations for you to explore, continuing/progressing the main story, adding side quests, and adding more gameplay features. Your feedback will shape the development of updated versions. Come and join the community:
Forum : http://www.calisprojects.com/forum/
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/CalisProjects
Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/calisprojects
Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/CalisProjectsOffical

So please be aware that Version 1.0 is not that long (compared to full vision of development), the story will end on a cliff hanger, but you can continue playing the Game!


ZENFORMS: Protectors is a 2D RPG set in a fictional land. You create a custom looking character right from the start and can shape how your story unfolds by making choices in the game, becoming famous or infamous, becoming good or bad, or even forming relationships and friendships. You are a new student Protector, a tamer of ZENFORMS, creatures given life by powerful Gaia Crystals. Battle and grow your ZENFORMS how you want. ZENFORMS branch evolve based on different stats at different stages.
Check out www.calisprojects.com/zenforms for more info and media.

Game and feature summary.

Story Overview:

Welcome to Planet Gaia. You currently are living in the Caladan State with your sister Shauna.

You and your best-friend Keith are about to embark on a long time dream, to start Protector school and begin your quest on becoming a Grand Protector.

However, its not long before trouble arises with a rebel group. They are followers of a masked man wearing a Grand Protecter uniform.

Who is this masked man? Why is he wearing a Grand Protecter uniform? What is he planning?

The time has come for you to solve the mystery and protect Caladan State from the Revolution!


Planet Gaia is home to unique creatures called ZENFORMS.

ZENFORMS are powerful creatures that have 3 main stats which are Attack, Defense, and Speed.

ZENFORMS are capable of evolving at anytime as long as the required amount of Skill points is met.

ZENFORMS evolve based off of their 3 main stats.

There is a lot of ZENFORMS for you to discover, all of which evolve from one of 3 “baby” ZENFORMS.

Rinba – A 4 legged ZENFORM
Slino – A 0 legged ZENFORM
Freno – A 2 legged ZENFORM

There are 5 different levels of ZENFORMS:

Baby < Child < Adolescent < Adult < Grand

[Two ZENFORMS of the same type can have completely different move pools]

Character Customizing

Customize your character to your liking!

Pick your gender – Male or Female!
Skin tone – Light, Tan, or Dark?!
Hair style – Choose from one of 4? hair styles for each character!
Hair color – Choose from 8 different colors!
Outfit – Choose from 4 different outfits, each with 4 different color sets!
But thats not all! More customizations will be available later in FREE updates!

ZENFORMS: Protectors ipa

ZENFORMS: Protectors cracked ipa

ZENFORMS: Protectors cracked IPA for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Version 1.0: Nutfile

Download Full Version

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