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ZENONIA® 5 v1.0.1 Hack Unlimited Golds,Zen,Status Points,Skill Points and more

Updated:ZENONIA 5 v1.0.2 Hack Unlimited Golds and Zen

ZENONIA  5 has been updated to version 1.0.1 with new avatars added and a few new features added. Here is ZENONIA 5 1.0.1 hack for you to get unlimited golds,zen, skill points,status points, skills no cooldown, offline and unbanned on iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch with jailbreak ready.

What’s New in ZENONIA® 5 Version 1.0.1

[ZENONIA 5 v1.0.1]

Patch Notes
1. New Avatars Available!
2. Floor Selection Option Added for the Abyss
3. GAMEVIL LIVE Profile Pic Function Added
4. Minor Bug Fixes

Thanks for playing ZENONIA 5. Be Legendary!

ZENONIA 5 1.0.1 hack features:

  1. Unlimited Golds
  2. Unlimited Zen
  3. Unlimited Skill Points
  4. Unlimited Status Points
  5. Skill No Cooldown
  6. Offline Playable
  7. Unban

How to hack ZENONIA 5 1.0.1 to get unlimited golds and zen:

1. Download ZENONIA  5 1.0.1 hack IPA from the link given below. [VIP ONLY]

2. Install ZENONIA  5 1.0.1 hack ipa on your jailbroken iPhone,iPad or iPod Touch.

3. Done! Enjoy unlimited golds and zen on ZENONIA® 5 1.0.1 brought to you by J8mesz only here at iPlayPlus.net

Note: This hack is only available for 4 months,1 year and lifetime VIP members!!

VIP Download link: 

Only 4 months,1 year and life-time VIP members can view this. Subscribe or Login.

Grab download password from VIP Section.

Note 1: You can buy anything even you don’t have golds, you will get unlimited zen(stay at 8888), buy skill and status points using zen.

Note 2: Play offline – When you get into the map, you can exit the Game (but keep running on background) then turn off Wi-Fi or 3G whatever, then go back to the Game.

Note 3: Unban – For whose who got banned, you can play the Game again.

Updated:ZENONIA 5 v1.0.2 Hack Unlimited Golds and Zen

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  1. 1.0.2 was released just now. 🙁 Oh man. This is a tough one!

  2. I was waiting for the hack for iphone5 is encouraged

    PS I am not good at English / /

  3. @jamesz04:disqus can you post the file only not the installer…. thanks!

  4. My iPhone 5 is dying to run this game! I can’t wait for the update! This would so make my day! Thanks!

  5. I followed every step but the game is crashing. Can I have some help please? I can’t even open the game, I tap and crash everytime I try to open the app.

  6. J8mesz, fix raid mode please 😡

  7. Hey guys, any ideas Is it possible to transfer save files from hacked game to another phone without jailbreak?

  8. ok all of you who are having trouble accessing the shop , delete iap free completely and iap cracker if you have that and it will work fine , ive done this on my ipad 3 on v1.0.1 of the game and the hack works and i can access shop but not raid mode

  9. also when i try to reset my avatar same thing it worked just fine last hack

  10. hello i was wondering any fix for raid it says insufficient zen

  11. My account is 4 mths member but I can not see the download link. Cloud you give me some advise please?

  12. how can i hack my demage ?? can someone teach me ?

  13. Still can not make it.

    Even though I can made it through in-game , still I can’t access the shop.

    It mentioned abnormal data anyway and won’t let me open the shop.

    Any solution plz?

    • I just want to discuss sth that why it’s calling offline patch since we have to connect to the internet anyway. If no internet , character will freeze when character awakened at save point. If to disconnect internet after character was awakened , that’s mean we can’t buy
      as much zen’s stuff as we wish since gamevil will detect data after character was awakened at savepoint. I don’t know that it happened to you and others or not. That’s why I’m saying it’s a discussion not to blame you or whatever. Whether i’m wrong or not , plz explain.

  14. I’ve waited few minutes and my char still got hung up

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