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Zombie Crisis 3D HD For iPad

Until House of the Dead come over to the iPad, you can indulge your zombie-killing tendencies with Zombie Crisis 3D. It plays out like an arcade light gun Game; you have zero control over the movement of your hero. All you do is point and shoot. This lack of “control” doesn’t upset me too much, as I have a real fondness for light gun games and Zombie Crisis 3D does a good job replicating that arcade experience. —IGN
Zombie Crisis 3D HD is an intense, finger-friendly 3D rail shooting Game for the iPhone/iPod Touch.
Abandoning the ‘traditional’ joystick-based FPS, Zombie Crisis 3D HD releases your fingers from the difficult movement & weapon control and delivers a new, innovative style that lets you focus on the action.
In Zombie Crisis 3D HD, a bio-accident has taken place at the Argo Company, turning its infected staff into bloodthirsty zombies. When the disaster is about to sweep through the States, a female mercenary soldier, Dana, receives an order to investigate the situation at Argo’s lab. Will her investigation lead to a one-way street into those dangerous zombies? Or will she find something even more dangerous than the Zombie Virus?

21 maps, hundreds of zombies and 4 big bosses.
4 weapons including pistol, shotgun, and machine gun and a dagger.
Dual wield in HD version only!
Beautiful 3D graphics, professional sound production, and a gripping storyline.

Zombie Crisis 3D HD current version is 2.3,sells on app store for $4.99.

To purchase this game,just simply click on the link above.

Or you can luckily download the cracked IPA file to install to your iPad for free which link posts below.

Download Zombie Crisis 3D HD 2.3 cracked ipa

But,make sure if you really like this game,please purchase it legally through the app store.

If you are looking for how to use this ipa file,you can check out this:

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