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Zulu Syncs FileMaker To Google Contacts


SeedCode has announced that the new version of Zulu now syncs FileMaker contacts with your Google Contacts. Zulu is an extension for FileMaker Server that syncs Calendars and Contacts automatically. Users can see and edit FileMaker data from iCal or Google Calendar, as well as from the calendars on their iPhones or iPads. And now Zulu offers the same thing for contacts so you can work with them online in Google, in the iPhone’s address book, and in the Mac Address Book app.
Feature Highlights:
* Know more about contacts by using FileMaker to pump related information about their orders, events, and history into the address book’s notes field.
* Be more productive out of the office since the iOS address book works offline: changes you make will sync up when you’re back online.
* Stay focussed by syncing only the relevant contacts to each of your users: Zulu respects FileMaker’s access privileges.
* Work with your FileMaker Contacts on Blackberry and Android phones.
* Finally have only 1 contact list, managed by FileMaker, across your devices.
Pricing and Availability:
Zulu starts at $299.00 (USD) for a workgroup license. A demo, more info, and a video of Zulu in action is available at our web site. Zulu is a collaboration between SeedCode and the brilliant developers at 360Works.

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